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I stand by you

through your process


Especialized in Grief &  Inner Child Healing

My services

 are for you if...

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  • You are grieving

  • You suffer from panic and/or anxiety attacks due to your loss


  • You are in the process of divorce/separating or are already divorced/separated

  • You have the feeling of not belonging

  • You believe you have one or more of the following Inner Child wounds: Abandonment, Guilt, Trust and/or Neglect


  • You are afraid to talk about your feelings because you think that you will be critized by others 


  • You grew up believing that crying is for cowers, crying is for the weak 

  • You grew up with absent, narcissists, and/or strict parents

  • You have feel God is punishing you/lost your faith in GOD due to your loss

  • You feel unworthy

  • You are a procrastinator waiting for the "right" moment to do what you desire

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  • Will understand your emotional UPs and DOWNs


  • Will learn the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from leaving the life you deserve


  • Will learn that your emotions are not and act of weakness of lack of courage. But instead a blessing from God that helps you release those feeling that do not belong withing you


  • Will reconnect with your Inner Child and learn to give he/him was he/she was lacking while at the age of 0-8 years old


  • Will understand the reasons why it is so important to heal your Inner Child (0-8 years old)


  • Will learn powerfull exercised that will set you free from ANXIETY, CONFUSSION, SADNESS, UNWORTHINESS, etc.


  • Will learn the power of the prayer and the WORD of GOD 


  • Will understand that your mental health takes a toll on your physical health 


  • Will stop blaming yourself for anything that had to do with the death of your loved one


  • Will learn to love yourself and put yourself first without shame

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"For everyone born of God overcomes the world.

This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith."

(1 John 5:4)

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