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To Heal You Must Face Your Fears

Download and find out if you INNER CHILD is wounded and start healing her.

Release hurt and pain from childhood trauma

With my coaching process, you will learn to

safely navigate and heal wounds of your past,

your present self will begin to thrive in areas of

self-love, forgiveness, and compassion. 

I will help you Find your Inner Child | Connect with your Inner Child | Love your Inner Child | Protect your Inner Child | Parent your Inner Child.

Know the Inner Child Wounds

Rejection – can originate due to experiences or perception of non-acceptance by the father or mother, or by relatives or close friends

Abandonment – It can originate when the parents are not present in the child's life. This not only refers to divorced parents, but also when the parents are absent due to their work jobs.

Humiliation – It can originate when in childhood the person feels criticized or disapproved by parents or those around them who were very strict.

Betrayal – It can originate in childhood when a sense of deception by the father or mother has been experienced. When parents didn't keep a promise, or didn't provide protection when expected, or when they lied to you, it may have created a wound that makes you fear betrayal and makes it hard to trust others.

Injustice – It can originate when the child feels that his parents are cold, or when they are authoritarian and demanding during the process of upbringing and growth.

Hiking helps me connect with my inner child.

My Inner Child is the happiest when she is out there contemplating God’s creation, leaving her foot print on the dirt




 I felt this huge void that I was missing the real me. I was living as a traumatized broken version of me. I was filled with disbelief, anxiety, and self-loathing.

Every technique felt so profound. Patty is nonjudgmental and is incredibly a positive cheerleader while keeping you in check. She checks up on you and encourages messaging for any reasons at all.

My past life coach was not able to offer this to me

Mayra testimonio.JPG


Quarantine made my anxiety and overthinking more intense. I was unhappy, frustated and overall upset with circumstances I had no control over.


Patty really helped me by shifting my perspective and guiding me to be in touch with the present moment. Progress began in our 3rd session. I understood it was OK to let my emotions show without judgment.


Patty taught me to be self-compasionate and tell myself that it is OK to pick up where I left off with no regrets. This has truly been a game change for me. Than you Patty, now I am able to provide the reassurance I need to myself. 


Sofía Llancari

I am now able to understand the reason of my abnormal reactions to what are considered normal circumstances, I see that my abnormal reactions are linked to my Inner Child wounds and I am able to link my reactions to past events.


Since I started the inner child healing journey I have learned to fullfill the needs of my little Sofia, those needs of things she lacked when she was little.

Your Inner Child session was above and beyond what I had expected. This session has brought so much clarity to my life.

I reccomend Patty's Inner Child sessions 100%

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